The Castle and Mines of Aymavilles

The medieval castle of Aymavilles and the abandoned mines of Pompiod: here, the naturalistic meets the historical and the artistic. These sites have for years been a refuge for many species of Chiropters. In order to safeguard these species, these sites are not open to the public and cannot be visited.

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Bats love historical buildings for their reproductive or hibernation nests and often choose crevices, attics or mines. These locations ensure the preservation of the species and are therefore not suitable to visitors, not only because they are set in inaccessible places, but also because the disturbance to the colonies could easily cause their extinction.

How to get there

The site is accessible by the regional road. 47 Cogne, near the castle there is a parking lot for parking of cars. One can avail of the bus routes Aosta - Cogne and Aosta - Aymavilles. The Cathedral of Aosta is located inside the pedestrian street in the historic village of the city.

Codifica dell'accessibilità del sito

The site is not currently prepared to visit any of the three sectors that comprise it.

cartina The Castle and Mines of Aymavilles

SIC SIC IT1205034

Municipality: Aymavilles, Aosta

Surface: 1,60 ha

Altitude: 755 ÷ 850 m s.l.m.

Responsible forest station:
Aymavilles, Aosta


Nei luoghi amati dal Papa santo

Nei luoghi amati dal Papa santo
Una giornata alla scoperta dei luoghi cari a Giovanni Paolo II

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