The Activities - Trekking

In discovery of Alpine microcosms

Maybe you never realised but when we walk along a path or around a lake, we’re never alone.


Experiencing nature in every way

The Valle d’Aosta is an endless account of fairy tales and legends connected to the natural environment.

Aosta e Saint-Christophe

Central Valley: the pleasure of culture, § the culture of pleasure

History, culture, agriculture, botany and geology. Here nature rhymes with culture.

Chameran, Grand Brison, Cly

Glaciers, custodians of ancient history

A day’s journey will help you learn about the legends of these ancient and reserved places.

Objective 3000

Two highly intense days, in the most literal meaning of the word.

Cogne Valley: a treasure chest

Six days in the Cogne valley for experiencing everything about the Valle d’Aosta.

Cogne, Charvensod

The devil’s cage: the valley of Grauson

Dominated by nature and by a strong sense of spirituality that permeates the numerous legends of the Valley.


The valley of flowers and the dead city

In the Urtier Valley there are rare botanical species and the ghosts of abandoned mine.


Mont Dolent, trekking among the stars

The hike is two days of pure adrenalin.