Botanical Garden Castel Savoia

Here beauty reigns. We are at Gressoney-Saint-Jean, within the park of Castel Savoia, castle built in 1898 upon request of Queen Margherita, who later elected it as her summer residence. Today the castle is property of the Autonomous Region of Valle d’Aosta, which has enhanced the value of the park by creating a rock garden inserted within a natural clearing at the foot walls and surrounded by imposing Red Firs and Larches.
With its 1000 sq.m. of beautiful flower and plant collections, this garden is of notable aesthetic value. The rocky flower-beds protect the typically Alpine-environment plants, whether they be local; among these, the Martagon Lily, the Alpenrose, the Edelweiss, the Columbine, the Mountain Arnica, the many Leeks, the Gentians, the Saxifrages and many more, to be found also along the trails and riverbeds of the Lys torrent, or originating from other parts of Italy and the world. The natural botanical species have been registered and labeled with their scientific and common names, their botanical family and country of origin; next to these, cultivar and hybrids created for ornamental purposes in the nurseries.
A walk in this garden not only fills your eyes with colours and the air with wonderful scents, it also serves an important educational purpose, intrinsic of a botanical garden.


  • Hiking

    The Castle’s neighbouring park is filled with short and easy walking trails.

Discover the site

The Castel Savoia Garden is open from May to October, but in order to fully appreciate its wonders, it is best to visit it in July and August. Opening hours are the same as those of the Castle: every day from 10:00 a.m. to 20:00 p.m. in July and August and from 9:00 a.m. to 19:00 p.m. in September.

It is recommended to visit the garden in small groups, preferably with a guided tour by our expert personnel.

How to get there

By car

At the Pont-Saint-Martin exit on highway A5, follow directions for Valle del Lys. Go along the entire valley until you reach Gressoney-Saint-Jean. Prior to entering the village centre, turn left and follow directions for Castel Savoia. Park your vehicle in the lot next to the entrance way and continue for a short distance on foot.

Accessibility codification of sites

VIVA has chosen to supply everyone – youngsters, adults, the elderly and the disabled – with all the sites’ information so as to allow the visitor to choose a destination in an autonomous way.
An “Accessibility Codification”has thus been defined.

Botanical Garden Castel Savoia

Information to reach the site 2
Accessibility from main roads 2
Parking for the disabled 3
Accessible restrooms 3
Information panels 0
Slopes (max 8%) 2-3
Trail width (min 90cm) 3
Road surface 3
Resting areas approx every 10 m 2
Safety and protection of trails 3
Periodic maintenance 3

0 corresponds to ABSENCE of the indicated parameter;
3 corresponds to the PRESENCE of the indicated parameter, in optimal condition;
1 – 2 are INTERMEDIATE VALUES: in general, they indicate the presence of the parameter which must however be improved (1 = sufficient, 2 = close to optimal)

cartina Botanical Garden Castel Savoia


Municipality: Gressoney-Saint-Jean

Surface: 1.000 mq circa

Altitude: 1.350 s.l.m.

Responsible forest station:


Objective: park

Objective: park
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