Activities for young visitors to PNGP

Who knows the wolf? – In the skies of the Park .
Stimulating animations in the Gran Paradiso National Park for further investigating the relationship between man and the environment: understanding nature, observing the tracks and colours, listening to the sounds and silences, sniffing the air and smells that surround us.


  • Where:

    Visitors’ centre of the PNGP
    of Valsavarenche, Rhêmes-Notre-Dame

  • Duration of activity and period recommended:

    2 hours
     July, August

  • No. of participants and age groups:

    Min. 5  Max 15
    From ages 6 to 11

  • Physical preparation and equipment:

    Equipment required:
    Any other material necessary will be provided during the course of activity.

  • Professionals involved:

    Nature hike guide


Who knows the wolf?:
entertainment aimed at raising awareness of the large predator recently returned to the Park.

In the skies of the Park:
animation to the discovery of the birds that inhabit the Park: how to learn to distinguish them with the eyes and ears!


Fondation Grand Paradis
tel. +39 0165 75301


Euro 5,00

Timing and conditions of booking

Reservation within 18 days of the previous activity at Fondation Grand Paradis (0165 75301) or one of the visitor centers.


Valsavarenche, Rhêmes-Notre-Dame, Cogne



2 hours


 July;  August


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