Two days as a researcher… for discovering biodiversity

The Gran Paradiso like you never visited it. With the help of researchers, you can conduct a sampling of the wildlife to study its biodiversity, learn how to build traps, observe mammals, recognise birds through their song, and identify butterflies, grasshoppers and other invertebrates.


  • Where:

    Cogne - Gran Paradiso National Park (Valle d’Aosta)

  • Duration of activity and period recommended:

    2 day
    For 2012: 13 and July 14

  • No. of participants and age groups:

    Min. 12 Max 15
    From 18 years. If a minor, accompanied only by his parents and hiking experience.

  • Physical preparation and equipment:

    Requires a fitness base for hiking in the mountains, hiking experience and a good workout. Sportswear for hiking in the mountains, windbreaker, hiking boots or shoes, camera, personal items, everything needed for a trekking. Paid participants of the lunch of the first day. Public transport (bus) from Aosta to Cogne.
    Are made available to the scientific instrumentation (telescopes, maps ...).

  • Professionals involved:

    Staff of Scientific Services and Surveillance of Gran Paradiso National Park. Operators of the organization, leadership of the Park.


The activities are extremely engaging, and offer participants the opportunity, unique in its kind, to experience the work of researchers and rangers of the Gran Paradiso National Park related to monitoring and protecting the biodiversity of the protected. In particular, participants will be sampled fauna along a transect, that is a path detection identified for the study of biodiversity. With the help of researchers will be able to make catches, trapping, determinations of grasshoppers, butterflies and other invertebrates, observations of mammals and birds (through the recognition of the song): the activities of someone who has been studying for years the biodiversity of the Park.


Fondation Grand Paradis
tel. +39 0165 749264

Parco nazionale Gran Paradiso
tel. +39 011 8606233


Euro 160 per person.
The journey to Cogne and the lunch of the first day, shall be borne by the participants.
The first day of the dinner, breakfast and lunch on second day and the night of July 13 are included in the registration fee.

Timing and conditions of booking

Within the week preceding the event at the entity reference.


Cogne (Rifugio Sella)



2 day


For 2012: 13 and July 14