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A drop in the mountains

An exciting descent by raft for discovering the protected area. We are in the reserve of Marais di Morgexe La Salle, and waiting for you is not just a wonderful adventure but the rich fauna of the marshes consisting of wild duck, bald coots, rare herons and a glorious view of Mont Blanc. An original and unforgettable way of experiencing all the beauty of the mountains.


  • Where:

    Marais marshlands of Morgex-La Salle - Natural Reserve

  • Duration of activity and period recommended:

    6 hours (including 2 on the boat)
    June, July, August

  • No. of participants and age groups:

    Min. 5 Max 14
    From 14 years

  • Physical preparation and equipment:

    Good physical condition
    Swimwear, t-shirt and a change of clothing
    Rafting equipment provided by the organising association, included in the price.

  • Professionals involved:

    Rafting Guide and Nature Guide


Introduction to the activity by the team of guides, on how to behave during the descent on the boat and during our hike with a focus on personal safety. You can see the protected area from a different point of view, what of its inhabitants. During the descent are planned stopsto observe ducks, coots, herons occasionally, all enjoying a great view of Mont Blanc. You can visit the factory ichthyologic Morgex.


Claudio Hérin
tel. 333.1885055


For Nature Guide 80,00 euro to be divided among the participants.
For the rafting 35.00 euro per person VAT excluded

Timing and conditions of booking

8 days before at the association of reference.





6 hours


June, July, August


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