VIVA and research:
the Biodiversity Observatory

logo Osservatorio

Discovery and observation are at the origin of VIVA and its nature tourism.

Through the Regional Museum of Natural Sciences, VIVA is currently completing the Biodiversity Observatory. A place where discoveries are collected and classified, on the subjects of flora and fauna studied respectively by botanists and animal scholars. This knowledge is continuously updated and supports the management of all sites; it is sharing of information and data. The Valle d’Aosta environments change with the seasons, the years and the weather. A sunset on Monte Rosa changes light every day.

VIVA is a governance system which stems from observations of young researchers who live in and work with nature. The discovery of a new site or of a new species enriches our knowledge on flora and fauna; it enriches the system as well as the nature tourism proposal.

One of VIVA’s tasks is to help stakeholders and nature weave together their experiences. To discover whether wolves share their territory with Switzerland or France and whether couples of bearded vultures or eagles share their valleys; to enhance the geometry of our system which is constantly changing shape and form, always shifting.

The Observatory is one of VIVA’s system stakeholders and the exchange of information which it guarantees stimulates our senses and vitality.