VIVA, the journey into nature

A journey in search of novelty and beauty is at the basis of modern tourism. Let us therefore talk about “beauty”, of its intrinsic value; Valle d’Aosta is indeed a region where “beauty” abounds.

The Valle d’Aosta is a natural heritage of rare beauty, enclosed within protected areas, consisting of alpine botanical gardens and sites belonging to the European ecological network of Natura 2000. Except for the Gran Paradiso, very few people know these sites and the reasons for which they are protected.

“VIVA, Valle d'Aosta unica per natura” (Valle d’Aosta unique by nature), represents a new way to protect the environment and to promote tourism of nature and awareness, as it focuses on the participation in the Region’s beauty of many interested groups, citizens, families, active people, local communities and productive activities.

Beauty is one of our most important criteria of selection. In Valle d’Aosta this worthy asset is guaranteed by the protection of the landscape: from its wetlands to the small natural reserves and their butterfly populations, migratory birds, ….

Sharing means respecting and caring for sites of notable worth: this value must be protected by institutions, people and tourists. Tourism promoted by VIVA, or Natura tourism, must become an inherent need to its users, in mind and body.

To climb a rocky surface, to undertake an excursion in order to reach a protected area, to drink from a fountain along the way, to smell the scents of the woods, the snow and the rain, to listen to the wind’s caress or slap, to observe a herd of chamois, the unexpected encounter with a marmot, a battle between two male steinbocks, all these experiences enrich our journey and our personal growth.

VIVA offers a vision of life, develops the desire to experiment, to learn through imagination and then through experience: nothing is predetermined, anything can happen.