The Activities - Schools

Living monuments

Following the path of monumental trees, a journey of learning and discovery about these plants containing centuries of life.

Rhêmes-Notre-Dame e Valsavarenche

Ibex and the strange beak

The Gran Paradiso National Park is home to protected animals.

Cogne, Rhêmes-Notre-Dame, Valsavarenche

The wings of the Park

Nature is everywhere in the Valle d’Aosta: along the paths, in the surrounding environment, in the sky overhead.


The mountains move

Mountains are alive because they are always in motion, as can easily be seen on an excursion around.



Orienteering is a full sport with educational features.


Workshops in the § Gran Paradiso National Park

Plenty of authentic and different experiences, for every choice.

Great St Bernard. From every angle

Discover the special flowers hidden here, admire the marvellous sight of the sky reflected in the lake, and have your breath taken away by the horizon.

“Soldats de la neige” and smugglers

On the trails of history, reliving the stories and adventures of smugglers and the “Soldats de la neige”.

Winter breaks

A fun way to learn is to combine education about the environment with sporting activitie.