The Activities - Fans

Lungo la via del Re

Cicloescursione con mountain bike a pedalata assistita alla scoperta del Vallone dell’Urtier


 I Talweg della Val Ferret

Cicloescursione con mountain bike a pedalata assistita


Two days as a researcher§… for discovering biodiversity

A unique opportunity for closely observing the life of the Alpine marmot.

Cogne (Rifugio Sella)

Nordic Nature

Nordic Walking, the right way in the midst of living Nature.

The mystery of the soapstone

The mountains and their goelogical origins by means of a game of discovery.


“Soldats de la neige” and smugglers

On the trails of history, reliving the stories and adventures of smugglers and the “Soldats de la neige”.

Great St Bernard. § From every angle

Discover the special flowers hidden here, admire the marvellous sight of the sky reflected in the lake, and have your breath taken away by the horizon.

Late harvest in the moonlight

A walk in the moonlight at the foot of Mont Blanc, among Europe’s highest vineyards producing the Chadelune wine.

Morgex-La Salle

Objective: park

How can a passion for photography and nature be merged? By becoming news photographers for a day.