VIVA and hospitality:
an eco-sustainable receptive system

Sustainability is one of VIVA’s distinctive characteristics. This awareness is in coherence with VIVA’s objectives in all sectors which define the nature “product”, by choosing marketing strategies, commercializing the offer and identifying the hosting tourist facilities.

The local stakeholders, hotel and tourist facilities’ managers, have become principal actors in a process which increases the sense of belonging to the land and to its touristic products; they have embraced VIVA’s principles and have helped define the characteristics of an eco-sustainable receptive system.
The facilities recommended by VIVA adhere to a charter of eco-sustainable specifications; they are committed to respecting the criteria of proper resource management, waste disposal, use of low environmental-impact materials, use of renewable sources of energy, careful attention to the buildings’ energy efficiency, the promotion of sustainable principles and of the region’s specificity.

Approximately 30 facilities have already adhered to this charter, and a process has been initiated which will promote the unique character of the Valle d’Aosta’s natural offer, making it recognizable as an expression of natural specificity and of local regional tradition, not only for its sustainable feature, but as an intrinsic element which characterizes the offer.