The Activities - Sportsmen

Face to face with the glacier

Walking at the foot of the great glaciers of Mont Blanc, taking a tour of the Pyramides Calcaires.


In discovery of a valuable, § rare area...

A particularly original environment, offering a magnificent view over the valley and towards the Matterhorn.


Nordic walking, in step with Nature

It’s a gentle way of getting to the heart of the environment, respecting its silence.


The trails of kings

The excursion, among the hills and mountain retreats, leads visitors to a height of 3,000 metres for breathing the air at Colle dell’Arietta.

Cogne, Champdepraz, Champorcher

A relaxed weekend... of thrills

Trekking and canyoning in the Mont Avic and Mont Emilius SPA (special protection area) and in the Mont Avic Nature Park.

Champdepraz, Champorcher

Cogne Valley: a treasure chest

Six days in the Cogne valley for experiencing everything about the Valle d’Aosta.

Cogne, Charvensod

The devil’s cage: the valley of Grauson

Dominated by nature and by a strong sense of spirituality that permeates the numerous legends of the Valley.


The valley of flowers and the dead city

In the Urtier Valley there are rare botanical species and the ghosts of abandoned mine.


Mont Dolent, trekking among the stars

The hike is two days of pure adrenalin.