The bearers, the stakeholders

Among the most representative stakeholders, VIVA has identified sports enthusiasts, families, children and the disabled, without claiming to satisfy all demands.

Children discovering a world outside of their home, the youngest amongst sports persons, families with children, adolescents, youngsters: these are the bearers to whom VIVA has begun to give answers; but also to socio-economic operators, hotel managers and excursion guides who work on this territory, inceptors and custodians of the Valle d’Aosta’s natural heritage.

Nature tourism as identified by VIVA completes what the initial offer wanted to be, but was unable to reach accomplishment.  In this respect, the Valle d’Aosta has given an answer to the requirements of governance, of coordination and stimulus for all those who live off that offer.

This is the point of view which distinguishes VIVA as a system. All are actors in its process, from agricultural farmers to those in the food and hotel business, to citizens in search of that which is offered.