Those of the night

Who doesn’t sleep at night in the mountains? A night-time excursion to listen to the spontaneous sounds of the Boreal Owl, Eurasian Pygmy owl and the Brown owl. A unique experience for finding out more about the biology, ecology and ethology of nocturnal birds of prey, but also for lying in wait.


  • Where:

    Forests of the The Mont Avic and Mont Emilius ZPS

  • Duration of activity and period recommended:

    2-3 hours from sunset - From March to May

  • No. of participants and age groups:

    Min. 3 Max 5

  • Physical preparation and equipment:

    Do not require a special physical training as the hike was punctuated by large moments of rest. Equipment for mountain trekking and a torch.

  • Professionals involved:

    Nature hike guide


Night hike aimed to listen to the spontaneous song of nocturnal predators (Tengmalm's Owl, Pygmy Owl, Tawny Owl ...) The activity takes place along an altitudinal transect in development in a forest environment with a stop of about 15/20 minutes to listen. During the excursion talk about biology, ecology and ethology of the species potentially audible in the area.


Sirdar Montagne et Aventure
Via Cesare Ollietti 42, 11015 La Salle (AO)
tel. +39 366 2829117


20 euros / person / day: Nature hike guide with transport to the starting point of excursion
12/15 euro / person meal with local produce after activity.

Timing and conditions of booking

at the association reference.


Fénis - Saint-Marcel


200 ÷ 300 m s.l.m.


2-3 hours from sunset


From March to May