Parents and kids discovering wolves

Living like wolves, the pack as a benchmark – Nose of the wolf – Give me your paw
Three experiences as a family, involving young children and parents sensitive to environmental issues. An enjoyable and meaningful experience for kids and for those who, through play and excitement, will be dealing with the delicate matter of the return of the wolf in Valle d’Aosta.


  • Where:

    Gran Paradiso National Park (Valle d’Aosta)
    Valsavarenche - Valle of Rhêmes - Valle of Cogne (specific locations)

  • Duration of activity and period recommended:

    half day
    all year round

  • No. of participants and age groups:

    Min. 5 paying - Max 15 children
    total participants – max. 25 people
    ages 2-11 + accompanying adults

  • Physical preparation and equipment:

    Clothing suitable for open-air activities.
    Equipment required:
    Material included in the price.

  • Professionals involved:

    Nature hike guides, environment instructor, environmental interpreter


Participants are involved in guiding the activities of both emotional-sensory, creative and recreational-type, that allows them to live the experience of the excursion in an active, shared and community; every experience has a common thread, along which develop both practical activities, so that children can realize otherwise complex concepts to understand (biodiversity, food webs, natural complexity, naturalness ...) and activities related to the senses and creativity, that allow them to connect emotionally to nature without having the tools of cognitive and mental adults.


Sede operativa: Via E. Aubert, 48 - 11100 Aosta Italia
Tel. e Fax 0165/363851,


Adults Only: 15 euro
With transport minibus: 25 Euro

Timing and conditions of booking

Reservation required at the association reference.




Half day


All year round


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