“Park-therapy” in the Mont Avic NATURAL Park

Perhaps the term has not yet entered regular language, but when we speak of ‘park-therapy’ we are referring to specific symptoms: at the Mont Avic Nature Park, an experience that will enable you to observe herds of ibex and chamois, the flora of the high-altitude area (edelweiss, gentians, buttercups, columbines), the wetland flora (fresh water buttercups, orchids, sedges), ancient forests of mountain pine, larch and Swiss pine and a succession of Alpine lakes. All this will allow you to feel at one with nature.


  • Where:

    Champdepraz (Covarey) – The Mont Avic natural Park

  • Duration of activity and period recommended:

    2 days
    From June to September

  • No. of participants and age groups:

    Min. 10 Max 20 
    From 12 to 70 years

  • Physical preparation and equipment:

    Good physical preparation, will walk on paths between 1,300 m and 2,600 m above sea level. Own car to Covarey (Champdepraz) or Trekbus Giroparchi.
    Own cameras, video cameras and binoculars to better observe and film the fauna.
    Equipment included in the price, by the association Namastè: paperwork on the plant and animal species visible in the area and maps of the area.

  • Professionals involved:

    Nature hike guide



Visit at the Covarey Visitors Centre. Starting from Covarey Visitors Centre (1,300 m) and arrival at the Barbustel refuge (2,150 m) through the Lake of Leser.
Arrive at hill of the Lake White (2,300 m) and return through the hill of the Croix (2,300 m).
Night at the Barbustel refuge. You can lunch at the refuge.
Covarey Visitors Centre: 0,5 hours
Rise time: 3 hours
Afternoon tour: 2 hours


Starting from Barbustel refuge (2,150 m) and arrival at Covarey (1,300 m) through the hill of the Lake Great (2,535 m) and Lac Gelé (2,595 m).
Lowering time: 3 hours


ASD Namasté
Guide escursionistiche naturalistiche - Aosta
+39 339 5813792


40 euro per person for the nature hike guide

Timing and conditions of booking

Up to fifteen days prior to the association





2 days


From June to September



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