Rifugio Barbustel Lac Blanc

The Barbustel al Lac Blanc refuge is situated close to lakes Bianco, Nero and Vallet.
From the Refuge it is possible to enjoy, as well as the majestic Mont Avic, a splendid view of Monte Rosa, Cervino and Dent d'Hérens.
The refuge can accommodate approximately forty people in rooms with bunk beds and has bathrooms on each floor. There is typical Valle d'Aosta cuisine at lunchtime.
The winter premises, which are only open subject to booking, can accommodate up to 6 people (there is no gas stove).

How to reach

By car

There are two ways of reaching the refuge.
Leaving from the town of Champdepraz: Verrès motorway exit. At the roundabout turn left towards Aosta; after approximately one kilometre, turn left on the bridge and follow signs for Champdepraz.
Carry straight on until you reach the hamlet of Fabbrica, then carry on uphill until you reach the town centre. From the town centre carry on uphill for several kilometres until you reach the hamlet of Volla, where the road ends
The trail which leads you to the refuge in three and a half hours starts here. This way is like an excursion.

Starting from the town of Champorcher: Pont-Saint-Martin motorway exit. Having reached the stop sign straight after the Pont-Saint-Martin exit on the A5, turn left and follow the signs for Aosta.
Go past the towns of Donnas and Bard until you reach a roundabout, at this point turn left towards the valley of Champorcher. Go past the towns of Hône and Pontboset and carry on through the valley for approximately 13 kilometres until you reach the centre of Champorcher in the hamlet of Castello. Take the first road which bends to the right and follow the signs for the Parco (Park) del Mont Avic. Carry on for approximately 7 km until you come across signs on the right for the Barbustel Refuge. The trail, which is like an excursion, takes you to the refuge in approximately 1 hr 30 mins.

Public transport

The hamlet of Volla can not be reached using public transport. In order to reach Champorcher, the nearest train station is in Pont-Saint-Martin. An hourly local train connects with the town of Hône (14 trips a day), and from here a Scheduled Coach service (approximately 6 trips a day) will take you to the town centre of Champorcher.