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Agriculture and Natural Resources Council
Protected Areas
+39 0165.527325 -328 -327

More information on protected areas and the reference standard 
can be found on the regional institutional site.

Archives of the Autonomous Region of Valle d'Aosta
Photos: F. Bertolin, M. Broglio, F. Carraro, P. Celesia, D. Glarey, S. Unterthiner, Wild Wonders of Europe
Video: Marco Andreini e Paolo Fioratti

Fondation Grand Paradis Archive Photos
M. D'Alfonso, D. Favre, S. Graziano, E. Massa Micon, Max Photographer, G. Mosca & L. Serra, M. Re Calegari, M. Zilio

Rhiannon Cooperative Archive Photos

ASD Rafting H2O Archive Photo

Regional Museum of Natural Sciences Archive Photo

Sirdar Archive Photo