The Mont Avic natural Park

Adjacent to the Gran Paradiso national Park, the Mont Avic Park is one of great natural richness,the first regional national park of the Valle d'Aosta. The protected area includes part of the territory of the Champdepraz and Champorcher municipalities. Through time, the area has managed to preserve its environmental characteristics of great beauty, also due to the coarseness of the land which limits the agro-pastoral activities and renders it less accessible to touristic masses. It therefore constitutes a still-intact corner of nature, which has preserved a fauna and flora rich of species unfound elsewhere. The extended forests of Mountain Pines, Scots Pins, Larch and Beech trees alternate with high-altitude glacial lakes, alpine meadows, marshes and peat-bogs. The many wetlands, the surfacing of calcareous schists and the abundance of ophiolites - a very particular geological substrate - produce a varied and extremely interesting flora. Together with typical alpine mammal species, such as steinbocks, chamois and marmots, the fauna is characterized by over 90 species of nesting birds, 1.100 species of butterflies and 120 species of forest Coleoptera. An excursion to the Mont Avic Park is truly a full immersion in nature.


  • Hiking

    The TRAILS section you will discover the Park’s many trails. The Park supplies multimedia guides for many itineraries.

  • Mountain biking

    At Champdepraz, mountain biking is permitted exclusively along the itineraries of Veulla -Serva désot (5c) and of Covarey - Lac de Leser - Col du Lac Blanc (4-5).

  • Horseback riding

    Horseback-riding lovers are invited to contact the Park Administration to obtain information about itineraries and rules of conduct.

  • Snowshoe trekking

    Trails suitable for snowshoe trekking are described on the Park’s website. In order to ensure a pleasant and safe excursion, it is recommended to consult the regional snow and weather forecasts before your departure.

    The winter season is the most critical for wildlife and repeated disturbance can cause them serious damage. During winter walks, then, never leave the paths and adopt respectful behavior (no shouting, keeping dogs on a leash ...)

Discover the site

Summer months are without a doubt the best months for an excursion in the Park, although some areas can easily be visited all year round, even in winter with snowshoes. On the website, you will find specific indications as to the behaviour to adopt, so as to respect the environment and avoid sanctions.

Behavioural conduct rules

We remind you that you can contribute to the preservation of these sites by following these simple rules:

visit the park on foot, with skis or snowshoes; avoid using motorized%

Come arrivare

Parco Mont Avic in auto

Il Parco e facilmente raggiungibile mediante l’autostrada A5 Torino – Morgex, con uscita al casello di Verrès. Da Verrès percorrendo la S.S. n. 26 in direzione Aosta si raggiunge il ponte di Champdepraz e si prosegue lungo la strada regionale n. 6 sino al Capoluogo di Champdepraz. Dal Capoluogo si imbocca la strada comunale che porta a Chevrère. Si prosegue poi sino al capoluogo di Champdepraz. Sul lato destro della strada regionale n.6 si incontrano prima il Punto informativo e quindi la Sede amministrativa dell'Ente Parco. La parte del Parco inclusa nel comune di Champorcher e raggiungibile seguendo la S.S. n. 26 in direzione Torino sino a Hône e seguendo poi la strada regionale per Champorcher.

Parco Mont Avic in treno

La stazione ferroviaria piu vicina è a Verrès e nei suoi pressi c'è la fermata degli autobus.

Parco Mont Avic in autobus

Il Parco e raggiungibile con la linea Aosta - Ivrea, fermata al ponte di Champdepraz. Dal ponte una navetta porta fino al Capoluogo di Champdepraz. Per Champorcher occorre prendere la linea Hône – Bard – Champorcher.

Codifica dell'accessibilita del sito

VIVA ha scelto di fornire a chiunque – giovane, adulto, anziano o diversamente abile – tutte le informazioni sui siti in modo da rendere autonomo il visitatore nella loro fruizione.
È stata quindi definita una “Codifica dell'accessibilità”.

Parco Naturale del Mont Avic

Informazioni per raggiungere la localita 2
Accessibilita dalle arterie principali 2
Parcheggi per disabili 1
Servizi igienici accessibili 1
Pannelli divulgativi 2
Pendenze (max 8%) 0
Larghezza percorso (min 90cm) 0
Fondo stradale 0
Zone di sosta ogni 10 m circa 0
Percorso messo in sicurezza 2
Manutenzione periodica 2

0 significa ASSENZA del parametro indicato
3 significa PRESENZA del parametro indicato, che si ritrova in condizioni ottimali
1 - 2 sono VALORI INTERMEDI: in linea generale indicano la presenza del parametro che si ritiene pero suscettibile di miglioramento (1 e sufficiente, 2 vicino all’optimum)


More paths :

VIVA suggests:

Long path

Dondena-Miserin-Col Fenetre-Col Fenis- Cuneus - Col Fussy

  • Elevation gain : 800 m
  • Travel time: 10 h
  • Signposting: 5-5A-5C-6-6B-6C-7-7A-7B-7C-8-8B-8C-102-AV2

What to see:


Long path

Dondena-Col Fussy- Lac Medzove - Gran Lac - Lac Blanc - Lac Muffé - Lac Raty

  • Elevation gain : 800 m
  • Travel time: 8,5 h
  • Signposting: 4-4A-5-5A-5C-6-7-7B-7C-8-8B-8C-9D-10-10C-102-AV2

What to see:


Long path

Tour du Mont Avic

  • Elevation gain : 1.500 m
  • Travel time: 10h
  • Signposting: 2A-2D-3-4-5C-6-7-7B

What to see:


Average path


  • Elevation gain : 490 m
  • Travel time: 2h
  • Signposting: 6-6B-6C-7-7A-7B-7C-AV2

What to see:


Short path


  • Elevation gain : 200 m
  • Travel time: 1,5 h
  • Signposting: 4-4A

What to see:


Average path

La Cort-Chapy-Lac Raty-Lac Vernoille-Lac Muffé-La Cort

  • Elevation gain : 500 m
  • Travel time: 4h
  • Signposting: 9A-9B-9D-10-10C

What to see:


Easy trails: routes that present no major technical difficulties or too challenging slopes. They can be covered in full or in small sections, allowing in both cases to come into contact with unspoilt nature, discovering its pace and balance …

Medium difficult trails: routes that can be covered in a day, varying considerably in terms of height differences and technical difficulty; the benefit is in being able to reach wildlife destinations of great impact.

Long trails: excursions lasting several days which provide for stopover places and catering along the route.

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Responsible forest station:


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