The Activities

Activities for young visitors §  to PNGP

Stimulating animations in the Gran Paradiso National Park.

Valsavarenche, Rhêmes-Notre-Dame, Cogne

The mystery of the soapstone

The mountains and their goelogical origins by means of a game of discovery.


4 activities for young researchers § in the Giardino Paradisia

Four intriguing animations in the Paradisia Alpine Botanical Garden with colours and scents.

Cogne - Valnontey

Tender is the night

A guide will help you recognise the main constellations, telling you about the legends and secrets of astronomy.

Having fun with miners-actors

An open-air theatre.


Ibex and the strange beak

The Gran Paradiso National Park is home to protected animals.

Cogne, Rhêmes-Notre-Dame, Valsavarenche

The wings of the Park

Nature is everywhere in the Valle d’Aosta: along the paths, in the surrounding environment, in the sky overhead.


The mountains move

Mountains are alive because they are always in motion, as can easily be seen on an excursion around.


Cogne Valley: a treasure chest

Six days in the Cogne valley for experiencing everything about the Valle d’Aosta.

Cogne, Charvensod