The Activities - Family

Seeds on the road

Passeggiata esplorativa alla scoperta dei semi e dei loro spostamenti

Pont-Saint-Martin, Challand-Saint-Victor

La riserva in 10 pagine

Viaggio alla scoperta del legame piante-ambiente

La Salle, Morgex, Aosta, Challand-Saint-Victor, Saint-Pierre

The 5 ways of the senses

An experience full of stimuli: colours and forms, with sounds, smells and sensations.

Challand-Saint-Victor, Morgex-La Salle

Activities for young visitors §  to PNGP

Stimulating animations in the Gran Paradiso National Park.

Valsavarenche, Rhêmes-Notre-Dame, Cogne

4 activities for young researchers § in the Giardino Paradisia

Four intriguing animations in the Paradisia Alpine Botanical Garden with colours and scents.

Cogne - Valnontey

Tender is the night

A guide will help you recognise the main constellations, telling you about the legends and secrets of astronomy.

Having fun with miners-actors

An open-air theatre.


Parents and kids discovering wolves

Three experiences as a family, involving young children and parents.

Family love for the mountain

Nature is an adventure for discovering together, as a family.