The Activities - Schools

Living monuments

Following the path of monumental trees, a journey of learning and discovery about these plants containing centuries of life.

Rhêmes-Notre-Dame e Valsavarenche

In discovery of Alpine microcosms

Maybe you never realised but when we walk along a path or around a lake, we’re never alone.


Experiencing nature in every way

The Valle d’Aosta is an endless account of fairy tales and legends connected to the natural environment.

Aosta e Saint-Christophe

Ibex and the strange beak

The Gran Paradiso National Park is home to protected animals.

Cogne, Rhêmes-Notre-Dame, Valsavarenche

The wings of the Park

Nature is everywhere in the Valle d’Aosta: along the paths, in the surrounding environment, in the sky overhead.


The mountains move

Mountains are alive because they are always in motion, as can easily be seen on an excursion around.


Environmental education

Knowing and understanding the natural hazards relating to the mountain environment and the effect of human intervention on the territory.

Courmayeur-Val Ferret

Micro-worlds – Biodiversity in micro form

Workshop activities will enable the students to find out about two protected sites in the Valle d’Aosta which.


Orienteering is a full sport with educational features.