The Activities

Cogne Valley: a treasure chest

Six days in the Cogne valley for experiencing everything about the Valle d’Aosta.

Cogne, Charvensod

The devil’s cage: the valley of Grauson

Dominated by nature and by a strong sense of spirituality that permeates the numerous legends of the Valley.


The valley of flowers and the dead city

In the Urtier Valley there are rare botanical species and the ghosts of abandoned mine.


Mont Dolent, trekking among the stars

The hike is two days of pure adrenalin.


The Grand Canyon of the Valle d’Aosta

The programme of these 7 days will take you across the whole region.

Pont Saint Martin, Courmayeur

Five rare gems

Five days of hikes through the most significant and interesting protected areas in the region.

Two days in Paradise

A spectacular crossing between two valleys within the Gran Paradiso national Park, offering breathtaking views.

The route of a drop of water down § the mountain

Follow the experience of a drop of water as it falls onto a glacier.

“Park-therapy” § in the Mont Avic NATURAL Park

Serenity, joy and harmony with the world: this is what you will feel during this two-day excursion.