The Activities

Lost in Edelweiss

It’s not easy to find an expanse of edelweiss growing naturally, but the Mont Avic Wildlife Park has them in abundance.


The King of the mountains § : the Rock-goat

Three days in the Mont Avic Wildlife Park, an immersion in nature among colonies of rock-goats, ancient forests and Alpine lakes.


The Grand Tour § of Mont Avic Wildlife Park

Four days and three nights in Nature, on a journey in which you will be able to observe rock-goats, marmots and chamois.

Champdepraz, Champorcher

Relive the ice-age

A day in which you will discover the fascinating evolution of this environment, where your time will be spent together with an exceptional travel companion: the Chamois.


From flower to flower, a mountain of love

You have to get off the beaten track, far from the busiest tourist areas, to be able to find the true spirit of places.


The forest of Mountain Pine

The forests are magic places because of the teeming life to be found in the silence of the woods.

Champdepraz - Chevère

 The paradise of flowers

An absolute spectacle of colours with the summer flowering of the botanical species native to the high mountain areas.


The Kingdom of the Marmot

Excursion to Mont Avic where Marmots are a protected species. A “natural” experience not to be missed.


 In the Kingdom of Rock-goats

An experience that involves direct observation of nature in protected and isolated places.